What to do After MBA?


One of the most common questions that confront every recent student is – what should I do after MBA? Well, to be honest, there is plenty you can do and look forward to once you have a specialized degree like an MBA, especially in India. This blog will throw some light on luring MBA career options that you can consider after the course so you can have a brilliant and fruitful career going forward. From marketing and finance to logistics, there are so many interesting career options that you will thank yourself for pursuing an MBA course in India.

Promising Career Opportunities after MBA

  • For MBA HR

For graduates thinking about what after MBA, there is some good news. More often than not, MBA HR graduates are absorbed by companies to work in departments like Human Resource and Recruitment. The responsibility of these professionals includes recruiting the employees for various departments and imparting training for them to ensure productivity is maintained across all levels of the organization.

A fruitful career option in MBA HR provides knowledge in managing employees and handling different processes like selection, recruitment, designing jobs, training and development, motivation, assessment, etc. These professionals are much in demand across different industries, schools and colleges, corporate, and MNC’s. While a fresher in this discipline can earn anywhere between 3-5 LPA, senior MBA graduates with lots of experience can look forward to earning up to 24 LPA.

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  • For MBA Marketing

Becoming an Essential Contributor

Job opportunities after MBA in Marketing are attractive too! There is a reason behind this phenomenon. The intense and increase competition between different brands for gaining visibility, increasing authority, and earning more revenue has meant MBA Marketing students are in demand always. Individuals with a degree in Marketing can look forward to a career that involves market research, strategic planning, consumer behavior, marketing campaigns, analysis of demand, and cost volume and profit. With increased developments in the technological arena, professionals with an MBA in Marketing with relevant experience in digital marketing are also most sought after in the market.

Be it the private or government sector, there are job opportunities galore for MBA Marketing professionals. Depending on the role these professionals play in their organization, they can be Brand Managers, Marketing Managers, Corporate Sales Executives, Head of Digital Marketing, Media Planners, etc.

The salary range for a professional with an MBA Marketing degree can be between 4 LPA-15 LPA, depending on the experience level and skills possessed.

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  • For MBA Information Technology

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of online setups, and the general shift has been towards e-commerce. Thus, organizations have felt the need to have professionals that love playing with the internet and use that as a platform for generating profits for them. This trend has ensured professionals with an MBA degree in Information Technology are in demand and their chances of landing a perfect job are increased by a substantial margin.

What are the job opportunities after MBA in Information Technology? Well, you can be appointed as a Manager of Information System, a Specialist in Computer Information, Specialist in Software Delivery, Configuration and Sourcing Manager, Chief Technology Officer, etc. It is easy for MBA graduates in Information Technology to climb up the corporate ladder easily and earn a high salary.

The starting salary for professionals in most organizations in India is 5 LPA. However, with experience and skill levels, it can go up to 25 LPA.

Therefore, irrespective of which MBA degree you possess, there are career pathways available to you in one sector or the other and in one capacity or the other.

  • For MBA Finance

If you have majored in MBA Finance, then Data Analytics can be an excellent career choice for you. What is special about Data Analytics as a career for young graduates is that it gives them an exciting opportunity to execute their technical knowledge into various applications that exist in the real world! And let us not forget, data analytics as a career option can be financially rewarding too! It is worth remembering here that in the years gone by only the people with a degree in Statistics, Computer Science, and Maths were preferred for analytical reasons. However, today, with the availability of new analytic tools and the existing ones that have been upgraded, graduates in MBA Finance are expected to have some skills in Data Analytics. Therefore, if you are thinking about the scope after MBA, Data Analytics can be a reliable option for you.

The salary of a Junior Data Analyst with a degree in MBA Finance can vary between 250,000 and 500,000 LPA, for those candidates that have mid-level industry experience, the salary can range between 700,000 and 15,00,000 LPA. For senior professionals, the salary can be anywhere between 18, 00,000 and 30, 00,000 LPA

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