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In the whole world one of the most competitive fields is medical science. Students from different parts of the world move to British universities to pursue their medical degree in the United Kingdom. If you are a hard worker and have always had great interest in the field of Medical science then applying to MBBS study in the United Kingdom is for you. Most of the medical universities in the United Kingdom are MCI approved and by different medical world councils also. Most of the best and reputed professionals are from the well known British Universities. The United Kingdom is known for its education system as most of the universities provide globally recognised medical education to their students and offer excellent education across the world. 

Why Should You Study MBBS in the United Kingdom?

If you pursue your medical degree from a British university then it will be very helpful to you as you will get career guide options including top education standard with most exciting Medical technology, advanced methodology and international exposure. 

  • In the British Universities the medical courses are mainly led by the experts of FRCP/FRCS & MRCP/ MRCS
  • Students are provided with professional training by the experts in NHS hospitals. 
  • the medical degree which students will receive after completing the graduation will be recognised globally
  • To practice medicine in the United Kingdom an MB degree is enough, which is provided after graduation, as the education system is slightly different from other countries. 
  • Along with an MB degree the Britain university also offers other medical degrees such as ChB, or BCh, BS which stands for bachelor of surgery. With the help of these additional degrees a student can practice the profession of surgeon in any part of the world. 

What is the process of visa application for medical science study in the UK? 

After finishing the decision the one major step which is left is apply for a student visa in the United Kingdom. there are several processes which you are required to fill fill before getting a UK student visa which are as follows: 

  • A photocopy of your passport 
  • Passport
  • Your two recent passport size photographs
  • A consent letter from the university in which you have applied for
  • A proof of your financial background
  • You will be required to show your English proficiency as proof. 
  • If you are a non European or a Swiss student then you will be required to show an additional ATAS certificate.
  • You will be required to give BMAT test
  • You will be required to give UKCAT test
  • You will be required to give GAMSAT test

University of Oxford

University of Cambridge

University College London (UCL)

Imperial College London

King’s College London

University of Edinburgh

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

University of Manchester

University of Glasgow

Queen Mary University of London

Top medical university in the United Kingdom

  1. London Imperial College

One of the best advantages of studying at Imperial college is that it has close relationships with the hospitals in the UK. London Imperial college is one of the most popular and the biggest Medical schools in Europe which consists of more than 1.5K researchers and teachers. In 2016-2017 the Imperial College of London ranked at the 9th position as the best medical college in the United Kingdom. And in the list of times higher education world rankings 2020 it gained fourth position in the world. In London it is one of the most popular university consist of more than 3.6K students and 1.4K academic and research personnel.  

  1. University College London

University college London has a worldwide reputation and it is rated as one of the best colleges in the United Kingdom and in the world. In 2016-2017 it gained 7th position in the QS global university rankings. The students at the university college London are offered clinical training, a broad variety of resources and postgraduate programmes. In the world the university college London has a world class reputation and is also the biggest medical institute in the United Kingdom. It has several links with several hospitals situated in the United Kingdom to provide internship programs to their students. The medical courses of this university have ranked at the 8th position in the world in the times higher education world rankings 2020. This university has been rated as one of the best Universities to study medical science in the United Kingdom. 

  1. King’s College London

In King’s College London the structure of DNA was founded and it is the main centre for the preparation of the profession of the Medical specialist. Most of the courses at this college are tailored for students to fulfil their personal needs. At this university students get the option to choose from different 80 undergraduate and postgraduate courses. In Europe kings squirrel London is the main centre for the students to prepare for the healthcare profession. The faculty of medical science study of this university is divided into four London campuses. It is one of the biggest and most respected medical schools in the United Kingdom. In the world rankings it gained the 21st position. More than 5k students take admission every year in this university. It also has the biggest health education centre in Europe.  

  1. Queen Mary University, London

Queen Mary university is the best choice for those students who are seeking to go for medical study in the United Kingdom. Queen Mary university also comes in the list of the top medical colleges in the United Kingdom. They have a world class education in terms of medical study and state of the art facilities. The past of the university is very rich. This university is the home for those students who want the best quality education in dentistry and medicine. More than 2.3k students are pursuing their medical degree at this university. 


The United Kingdom is a European country enriched with rich history and top class educational centers. Getting an MBBS degree in the United Kingdom is very competitive and requires a lot of hard work. If you’re willing to do that much hard work then you’re most welcome in the field of medical science. If you require more information related to the study programs in the United Kingdom then make sure to visit our other blog posts also. 

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