No Animal is Cruel Than Humans: The Story Of An Abandoned Dog


Yes, you read it right! Humans are one of the most cruellest creatures on the planet. Not everyone is a dog lover; there are so many people who adopt dogs to show off or to fulfil their unnecessary desires. Maybe that’s the only reason why the looks of a dog matter a lot to such cruel owners. 

This is a real story of a dog belonging to the Pitbull breed. 

His owner was such a cruel human who had no mercy for his pet. He used to make his dog participate in dog fights, due to which he usually got severely hurt. 

When he was found by a group of animal care organisations named Peepal Farm on the road, he was in the worst condition. He had swollen paws and deep wounds all over his body, possibly caused by dog fights. 

You can also assume how much pain he was going through from the pictures. 

His owner was such a cruel human who had done docking on his ear; docking is a painful process in which the ears are cut in such a way that the ears of dogs are always standing. He might have performed ear docking on his pet to enhance his look so that he could look tough. 

When he found that his pet was no longer capable of fighting in dog fights, he left him alone on the road to die. 

Fortunately, one team member of an animal care organisation found him on the streets in a terrible condition. After that, he was brought to the animal care centre to be looked after. The members of the organisations offered him good care, love, and treatment, due to which he has now fully recovered from all the pain and trauma that was caused to him by his previous owner. And now he has been adopted by a dog lover who gives him all his love and care, and now he is living happily with him. 

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